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Maximize the space in your suitcase! Did you know that you can quickly pack two weeks worth of outfits in a standard carry-on luggage? Oh yes! You certainly can and here is how. Firstly, fold your clothing and then roll it ... Read More


For all you adventurous people, who love to go horseback riding, always make sure that you wear protective gear such as a helmet. If you are a beginner, take lessons first and ride out with an instructor. Horseback riding can ... Read More


Over the weekend, I met the love of my life! Let me explain why, as we indulge in the mystical beauty of the El Yunque National Forest in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. I have skied and conquered the snowcapped mountain of Mount Hood in Northern Oregon. I hiked the Reef Bay ... Read More


The suggestion box! Don't be afraid of it! There is a possibility when visiting new places, museums, events or restaurants that the service may be less than satisfactory. For the benefit of new customers, just slip a note in the suggestion ... Read More


Are you traveling on a budget? Awesome! A low budget does not mean that you can't have a fun-filled trip. Before reaching your destination, research all of the free activities, events, movie screenings or nature trails available. Then plug them ... Read More



Departure Tax

March 9, 2015
When traveling abroad, be mindful of the Departure Tax that you will have to pay before leaving the island or country. Not all places include the Departure Tax on the ferry or airline tickets. Depending on the destination, Departure ... Read More


Traveling is a lot more fun when you are with a group or a travel buddy. You will be able to figure the maps out together, pad up and save on hotels as well as other travel expenses. Additionally, you can ... Read More



Tips #2 “Yummy”

April 18, 2014
Don't sell yourself short! Maximize your vacation experience by diving into local dishes, delicacies, drinks and pastries. If you are unsure of the ingredients used to make the meal, politely inquire with the waiter or ask to meet the chef. Feasting ... Read More


During the planning phase read reviews from other travelers before purchasing your ticket or booking events. Most of the time you will either discover the pros and cons of your next destination. Reading reviews will either encourage you to solidify your ... Read More


Understandably, when traveling you want to be very comfortable. However, that does not mean that you should travel in your gym clothes, yoga outfits and running sneakers. That is a major fashion no-no! Flying with numerous connecting flights or experiencing delays may ... Read More