Travel with Africah is a weekly blog that shares all the fun things that I have done while traveling. Readers will be informed through my descriptive posts about places to visit, attractions, and/or events. My goal, through the power of the pen is to help readers visualize each destination as if they were physically there.

Throughout my years of traveling, I often found that people are a lot more enthusiastic to explore or try new things once they venture out from their hometown. However, they are the same people, who often overlook the beauty and attractions of their hometown and will probably opt to remain homebodies or follow a daily routine.

Whether you are a traveler or not, my philosophy is to “Live Life like a Tourist!” No matter where you are. By this, I mean to explore new activities, attend a variety of events or tantalize your taste buds with a new delicacy. Each place is unique. For instance, you can drive on a highway in Portland, Oregon that is parallel to snow-capped mountains or drive alongside the aqua blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the waterfront in downtown Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands!

Sit back, relax and join me on my journey. Let the adventures begin!

Africah Harrigan is a television personality who have hosted several TV Programs. When she is not working, she enjoys sharing her travel experiences. To find out more visit africahharrigan.com