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Cape Disappointment...what a disappointing trip...No, I am just kidding. The Cape Disappointment State Park, located southwest of the coastal towns of llwaco, Washington, is a famous camping ground with 1,183 miles of tall forest trees with a fresh pine scent and ... Read More


Quiet, Serene, and Tranquil describe my hike around Trillium Lake. There was a refreshing pine scent that filled the air, as a breeze gently swayed the tree branches. I hiked through the forest until I arrived at the mouth of the lake. ... Read More


Hee-Haw! All I need are my cowgirl boots, cowgirl hat, denim blue jeans, and a plaid shirt. I didn't have on that attire, however, what I did have was a stamp on my hand of a cowboy boot that allowed me all ... Read More


Sale! Sale! Sale! Check out the new economic stimulus package! Shop till you drop in the rustic, small, and quiet town of Astoria, Oregon. I took a cool Sunday stroll through the Astoria Farmers Market, in which vendors sold food and products ... Read More


Whack! That was the sound of the ball when my golf clubs connected to it. The ball went flying in the air and almost landed into the hole! I regrouped and perfected my form and then tried again. My friends and ... Read More


I'm in Portland, Oregon where my friends and I was driving to Saturday Market, when they started to talk about ordering elephant ears. "Elephant Ears that sounds gross," I said. "Hmm, but it is sooo delicious," they said. "We put jelly, ... Read More


Whoa! The Woodburn Common Premium Outlet in Portland, Oregon is a heaven for shoppers. The mall is huge and filled with popular stores featuring jewelry, clothes, sneakers, chocolate and much more. You name it they got it. I had a ball, exploring through this mall. Although there were lots of ... Read More